Hi, I'm Luschia. I've studied Object and Graphic design at UNSW Art and Design (formerly the College of Fine Arts). I practice design in a multi-disciplinary sense with a focus on visual identity design, research, community engagement services and in the past, object design.
I'm currently working for JOC Consulting, a creative urban planning practice that specialises in community, place and technology. I'm also a graphic designer for NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, and I previously sold my furniture design, 'Linzi', at Cafe Culture + Insitu Furniture in Syd | Melb | Bris.
I love to work on side projects such as murals, illustrative work and design thinking challenges, get in touch if you think we should collaborate.

This video, produced by Open Door Films, is a snippet from the opening night
of my object design and illustration exhibition at the Tate Gallery in Glebe.

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