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I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Sneaky Mag back in January. Have a look here: or have a read below: Artist Profile: Luschia Porter "Ok so working at Sneaky definitely has its high points, but one of the greatest perks of the trade is that I get to contact amazing artists and designers and drool over their work without looking like a mad creep. “Hey i’m Nikki and I love your work so much, its so inspiring’ – yes its flattering but its still slightly weird “Hey i’m nikki and I work for Sneaky and i love your work so much, its so inspiring’ – socially acceptable. Catch my drift? It gives me, a somewhat socially awkward/shy young chick, a platform to chat to people I otherwise would of been too intimated to approach. Luschia is one of these people. I’ve drooled over her work for ages now. The repetition of the intricate patterns, the slight introduction of colour the allusion of an under sea adventure just totally rocks my boat as far as beautiful illustration goes. And now she has gotten into 3d sculptures. So when I decided to balls up and send her an email, I was stoked when she replied. But enough of my rambles. Check out our little chat, get to know the workings of her process and admire her fucking rad creations. And for all of you that want to keep updated with her work. here are all the links that you need: Instagram: (@lusch) Website: Facebook: " Q - Where did you grow up and where are you based now? A - Jervis Bay, 3 hours south of Sydney on the coast. Based in the eastern suburbs now, have been for 5 years. Q - Have you studied art/design? A - Yep, I’m currently in 4th year of Design at the College of Fine Arts, Sydney. My specialties are Object Design and Graphic Design. Prior to starting this degree I finished a year of the double major: Fine Arts/Arts and I majored in Screen Printing & Etching and Media, Culture & Technology. I couldn’t get into a few of the design degrees I applied for with my UAI as a mature age student (21), even though in high school I had good grades for art, music and textile design so I had to transfer after completing a year of Fine Arts to get into the Design degree, which ended up being a cool lot of experiences. Q - Is it something you had envisioned yourself doing when you were younger? A - I was always heavily into fashion and textile design as a teenager. I set myself up a (potentially illegal) business in high school selling hand drawn onto and decorated singlet tops to all the girls in my lunch break. That was back when those chesty bonds, colourful ones were the coolest. I even started selling them in the two and only local clothing shops in Jervis Bay. So after the HSC I got into UTS to do the bachelor of Fashion Design, but I deferred it to be a snowboard instructor…and then I forfeited the offer to travel and snowboard for a further 2 years. This changed where my design interests lied a lot and I decided I wanted to work more on issues that could be solved with more industrial and graphic design ideas and skills. Q - What do you hope to achieve/where do you want to go with your skills? (i.e. continue freelancing or set up a studio/collective, work solely for a particular company or studio…) A - I am really interested in working collaboratively on a project with people who know what they’re doing and can teach me lots. More than anything I want to find a humanitarian design project to be a part of. After hosting an art workshop at the Royal Sydney Children’s hospital, last year, I felt very keen to explore the way that design work could be used to quietly and in small doses help with underlying conditions and sickness. I’m going to be volunteering there as much as possible this year. Q - How long have you been interested/practising illustration? A - A long time! My first memories of wanting to draw and drawing are easily linked to the detailed work of Graeme Base’s books as a kid (5-6 years old). The Sign of the Seahorse’s underwater scenes were incredible and I was always mimicking his seascape illustrations of coral, tropical fish, seaweed and bubbles. I can even remember sitting for hours amongst my Dad’s fishing books deciding what were my favourite species and drawing them all into the one underwater scene. I was also into portraiture when I was pretty young. When I was about 7 years old I spent Saturdays drawing people’s portraits at the local Vincentia shops! Q - What is your medium of choice? A - I’m focussing on designing (and making) objects and illustrating. I have a stool + side-table design (‘LINZI’) selling through an Australian furniture design retailer, Café Culture + Insitu, they’re based in Surry Hills, and some of my resin object work & illustrations are available on the Sydney design group TMOD Design’s website. So half of my time is spent concreting, cutting out wood pieces, sanding, sourcing materials and the other half is spent using resin for smaller object work and illustrating – I like using felt tip pens. I love the hands on work behind the stool + side-table, but it would be good to work with someone on this and give myself more time for the ideas (and illustrating), not that I haven’t had help with this, the thank you list would be 10 mins long! Q - What are your main sources of inspiration? A - A few Sydney artists and some international architects. I get a lot of inspiration from architecture, and just went to Tokyo for a break to check a few things I’ve always wanted to see out, shapes and new cities are always interesting. My two favourite architects are Reiulf Ramstad Architects, based in Norway and Schemata Architects (Jo Nagasaka), based in Tokyo. They do some mind-blowing work with geometry and wood. Hollie Martin and Jumbo, both Sydney based artists, also create mind-blowing work with geometry onto ply wood! Always epic pattern work, colour palettes and mirrored images. Q - I’d definitely love to hear from you in regards to any future projects. Do you have any shows coming up this year or anything? I’m also having a solo show at The Tate in Glebe on Wednesday the 16th of April. It will be a collection of object design work/planters, furniture design and illustration – all of which will involve the audience’s participation & interaction. My focus is the concept of repair, which filters across from a project I’m currently developing that discusses how Sydney dwelling, mid-twenty year olds feel about the ideas associated with repair. To do this, I’m going to call on my experiences volunteering at a children’s hospital teaching art and I’m going to be calling out for anonymous letters from people discussing everything that is going down in their lives in 2014, especially their darker problems and sadness, and I’d love to hear how the political climate here makes them feel too. I’ll announce the call out on instagram and my design facebook page, if people are keen to help! Q - Are you very good at finishing pieces or do you have a whole collection of random, half-finished ideas? A - I’m good at finishing pieces! I always start knowing how I want it to look, and don’t stop until I can get there. What’s your favourite colour? Pastel teal. Tea or coffee? Coffee!

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Sneaky Mag back in January. Have a look here: 
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