Branding for 'Celebrating 50 years of NPWS'

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year in 2017. My role was to brand the year of celebrations, that would arise in multiple formats. The tag-line ‘Celebrating’ 50 years was chosen after workshopping the placement of different phrases with the marketing team. I hand drew the ‘Celebrating’ typography to ensure it had a strong and unique identity. My typography was inspired by the award winning re-brand of the ‘Yes’ in Optus, which I thought embodied a celebratory, home-grown feel. I then project managed the application of the identity to all of the NPWS design and publication templates for internal creation of external marketing and promotion. To launch NPWS’ year of celebrations, the identity was revealed on the Sydney Harbour Bridge on New Year’s Eve in 2016. To prepare this design for the City Of Sydney projection team, I worked the design against specs for the two harbour pylons and a third structure to the West of the bridge. Constraints included the pylon windows and parts of the structure that would distort the image and text. I also held meetings with the NSW Government Managers of Marketing and Brand & Design to choose the right image that represented NPWS perfectly.

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