Gleipnir print

This print is result of a sculpture I worked on with with illustrator Simon Greiner ( The sculpture was inspired by a Norse myth. Simon does a lot of children's illustration and animation and so it was his interest in this type of playful story telling that led us to interpret parts of the Norse myth about Gleipnir...a chain impossible to break. 'Gleipnir is the chain that holds the mighty wolf Fenrir. The Gods had attempted to bind Fenrir twice before with huge chains of metal, but Fenrir was able to break free both times. Therefore, they commissioned the dwarves to forge a chain that was impossible to break. To create a chain to achieve the impossible, the dwarves fashioned the chain out of six supposedly impossible things: The sound of a cat's footfall The beard of a woman The roots of a mountain The sinews of a bear The breath of a fish The spittle of a bird'

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