Ninetyfive percent exhibition

“On October 8th 2015 scientists confirmed a Global Coral Bleaching event is underway, only the third of its kind in recorded history. This event is expected to impact 38% of the world's coral reefs by the end of this year and kill over 12,000 sq km of reefs." - NOAA. Bringing together 20 talented artists, the exhibition ninety-five per cent showcased their interpretation of their understanding of ocean warming and coral bleaching. The exhibition was curated by Jaimee Paul. Featuring: Luschia Porter // Thomas Jackson // George “ Apeseven” Hambov // Cat Lee // Annabel Scanlen // Anne Bourne // Courtney Brims // Arquette Cooke // Brent Smith // Carly Casey // Lani Paxton // Caspian de Looze "The Master Blaster " // Jaimee Paul // Kareena Zerefos // Jonny Steiner // Kirsten Duncombe // Laura Ives // Lyn Hammond // M-Lon

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